Wind River Range, Wyoming



2023-08-05 Sat

2023-08-06 Sun

2023-08-07 Mon

2023-08-08 Tue

2023-08-09 Wed

2023-08-10 Thu

2023-08-11 Fri

2023-08-12 Sat



Day Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner
Sat At Home Cinnamon bread Packed sandwich Apple Skurka BRC (cheese)
Sun avocado + pringles Chex mix pizza tortilla Jerky st, ritz+PB Kale and tortellini
Mon Granola w pecan sm Clif, pecans Bagel and meat Big Clif, fruit lth Mountain house
Tue Chia cocon oats Sm clif, ritz+pb Bagel and meat Pringle, ritz+PB Skurka pesto noodles
Wed reg oatmeal Nana chip, jerky Salmon tortilla Jerky Skurka BRC
Thu Bloob cocon oats sm clif, grn PB&J tortilla Big Clif, pb+ritz Mountain house
Fri Reg oatmeal Nut fruit mix BBQ beef Tort Granola bar Potatoes, stff, beef
Sat skillet in tort chex mix Salmon tortilla Nut fruit mix Mountain house
Sun Reg oatmeal granola bar Bagel and meat Pringle Skurka BRC
Mon Reg oatmeal ritz, pb Meat in tort Pretzels in car On the road

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