Capitol Reef National Park

2023-04-07 Friday

Left home about 12:30. Drove to Richfield to see family for easter. Painted watercolor, easter activities, played with dogs, toured their new house.

2023-04-08 Saturday

Left early to get to Capitol Reef around 8. At the visitor center, the ranger we talked to for permits (they don't issue them in advance) seemed very new and wasn't too knowledgeable. We got a little overwhelmed with people coming in and out while we tried to decide, and hastily decided on a loop in Sulphur Creek and Spring Canyon. Drove back to Chimney Rock TH for the beginning of our trip!

Sulphur Creek was great, flow seemed about average to me. We did get our shoes wet in a couple spots - I was hopeful mine would be breathable enough that things would be dry after a bit of walking. Wrong! Still soggy a few hours later, we both felt blisters coming on. Changed socks and applied athletic tape. Sulphur was beautiful and a favorite for both of us. A bit of scrambling, three small waterfalls, and high canyon walls.

Then time for the connecting section on the way to the mouth of Spring Canyon. I drastically underestimated the length of this section. Walked through Fruita, up Cohab Canyon Trail, then along Frying Pan Trail past Cassidy Arch and down into Grand Wash. The scenery was beautiful but the feet situation still wasn't great. My toes seemed to be holding up with the tape and dry socks, but A's were slowly getting worse. Realized that after the 16 miles that day mostly in wet or damp shoes, we probably wouldn't be doing Spring Canyon. We decided to head up Grand Wash, camp in Spring Canyon, and decide in the morning. Bagels with tuna for lunch, and mac and cheese with peas and vienna sausages for dinner. (Not good...) We didn't have any trouble with the required Fremont River ford, then set up camp about a quarter mile into Spring Canyon.

2023-04-09 Sunday

Up at about 6:30, granola and Gossner milk for breakfast. Crossed back over the Fremont, then A stayed at a pleasant spot by the river while I jogged the 7 miles along the road back to our car. Wow, I'm out of shape! A couple hours later we were together again and on our way home. Stopped at Spitz in downtown SLC for a salad. Delicious!